Please like us on facebook

EJBC Facebook page was created for the club, we would be posting pictures and information related to what happens throughout the season and summer.

It would be wonderful if everyone can show support by Liking the page with the link below:

We have also made an Erindale Jr private GROUP on Facebook which is where we will be posting club information that are only for club members.

  1. Upcoming tournaments dates and where to signup

  2. Other things we could not get to during our weekly sessions

  3. Any handouts that are given out

Anyone wanting to join this group should contact us and we will send you an invite to join the private group.

Thank you all for making EJBC a positive badminton community

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Predict My Future: The Science of Us

Ep. 1 - The Early Years

Meet the most scientifically studied people in the world. A group of 1,037 individuals born in one city have been followed since their birth in 1972.This series follows the fascinating study and the information it has provided in almost every field of medical and social development, including respiratory and cardiovascular health, addiction, obesity, sexuality, cognitive neuroscience, psychiatry, genetics, criminology, and the effects of nature and nurture on health and behavior.

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